First week of training

First week: from 14th May to 18th May:

Installed Drupal and started working on drupal. Browse for device independent themes.

Installed BRLCAD.  There was problem of path of BRLCAD. One must give the path: PATH=$PATH:/usr/brlcad/rel-7.10.4/bin in /etc/profile file.

Update UCC Website: Uploaded some UCC files and make changes in some pages and created Ludhiana page.

Upgrading Experimental Server:

I searched the Internet and found the following command for upgrade:

sudo do-release-upgrade -d

First I was trying by using “nohup” and “&” commands to run upgrade at the background, but I failed to bring this process to foreground, hence failed to check its status. So this time experimental server was not upgraded.

Then I used “tmux”. Let me first tell you what is tmux. If need to run a long process over the server and we cannot remain logged in waiting for the process to finish, in this case “tmux” is very useful. With the help of “tmux”, we can run commands, then de-attach the tmux and logout. When we again login and reattach the tmux, we will have the current status of the process (either still running, completed, waiting for user input or an error occurred) .

On checking, I found it was already installed on server. I run the upgrade command,  de attach and then logout. Later, me and navdeep carefully choose the appropriate options and finally the server was upgraded successfully to Ubuntu 12.4 LTS.

For tmux reference, I followed:


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