Compiling BRLCAD From Source

To know what is BRLCAD, please refer to

As soon as I got this task, I became happy to return to my main project. I thought it was not too difficult to do and really it is not, given that you read their documentation carefully and know the certain commands like make, cmake etc., and certain terms like build, compile, install and their actual sequence and relations with each other.

The actual problem is that number of several documents like README, README.cmake, INSTALL, INSTALL.cmake and many others came along with package. Each of them is in full detail.

I read README, INSTALL and doc/INSTALL.Linux files. Everything goes fine, but then I stuck with problem with “make” command. Frankly, I don’t know actually what make can do, for what purpose it was created. Since as much as I know, it is used to build the system. I requires certain makefiles. But what are these makefiles, I don’ know. So problem is still there. Actually it is not a problem, I pause my work, so that I could proceed after gaining enough knowledge about make.

hmm… today I couldn’t do much work. When returned home, I really feel to be unsatisfied. After compiling it successfully, I will re-post this article with whole procedure and do’s and dont’s.


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