Installing BRLCAD From Source

Finally, I installed BRLCAD from source.


There are two two types of installation and readme files: one for make and other for cmake. Either of two can be used for compilation. Earlier, I did’t know this thing and got confused to follow which file(s).

Since each documentation has full details, so earlier I found it difficult to grasp. I did’t know the significance of “make & cmake utility” and makefiles which made me to read about them too.

Also, by following the documentation and reading from web, I found the sequence of execution of commands as:

sh > ./configure > make > make benchmark > make test > sudo make install produces configure file. configure create suitable makefiles which are further used by make.

There was minor problem of enabling libpng, which was fixed by me. But the actual problem was of warnings. Sean suggested my the way to pass through warnings. With configure script use option: –disable-strict

Earlier I run configure with option of –enable-optimized. Later, I dropped it also, and finally run configure script as:

./configure –enable-libpng-build –disable-strict

which ran successfully without any error. Later, all commands make, make benchmark, make test, make install run successfully.



2 thoughts on “Installing BRLCAD From Source

  1. Note that the autools build method is deprecated in favor of cmake. I recommend learning the cmake method for BRL-CAD. All works nicely when you learn the secret to avoiding trouble is to build in a directory OUTSIDE the source tree.

  2. Hi Tom,

    Nice to see your comment. 🙂

    Actually, it is an old post when I was just introduced to BRL-CAD. At that time I was unaware of such tools. Now I use “cmake” whenever I compile BRL-CAD. Moreover, “cmake” is easy to use as compared to autotools. And yes, compiling outside the source directory avoids lot of mess.

    I read: to compile BRL-CAD source.

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