17 November 2012

I tried BRL-CAD’s hex tool for creating models of nuts, bolts and washers. However I found some problems in the this link which I reported on their mailing list. Awaiting for their reply.

15 November 2012

I helped Daman in his script. I helped him in solving the problem related to “checking the existence of database”. I also gave suggestions on uninstallation script which he found really effective.

14 November 2012

Diwali Holiday. I received invitation from melange team to become Mentor for BRl-CAD in Google Code-In 2012. I am really very happy and feeling proud. Thank you GOD and Rai sir. Will publish the post soon. 🙂

13 November 2012

Diwali Holiday.

12 November 2012

Diwali Holiday.

11 November 2012


10 November 2012

Today is the birthday of Rai sir.

9 November 2012

Added news and notices to the VB site, as it was urgent and their officer was on leave. Fixed some points of website received through mail. I prepared the purposal for change in complaint status functionality to send to Director, VB, Punjab to ask permission to make fix problems in complaint status functionality.

7 November 2012

Appeared in interview for TIT Infotech. It was nice interview and I thought I would get selected definitely but not so. However, I do not bother much. 🙂

Later we had nice and quit informative and interesting seminar on the basic concepts of networking ny Vigas.

6 November 2012

Rai sir raised the problem with secret code generated by me. He suggested to have an imput field and enable each user to choose secret code of his / her choice. This secret code will be case sensitive and will act like password of complaint. Complaint number will act just like a number for public reference only. I implemented this right from the plugin.

5 November 2012

I started working on the problem of complaint status. The problem was people may not get the complaint status even after filling correct details (which were correct to them, not computer). We cannot be assured that the person while checking status, will fill his name every time exactly same as that of first time.

What I did was:

I did not created any random or unique number for secret code. It is a number generated in serial order same as complaint number from plugin interface. But rather initializing it from 1, I initialize it from 202164. Now the combination of ‘complaint number’ and ‘secret code’ can be guessed only if two persons meet and discuss their secret code who submitted their complaints consecutively. Another case can be if a
person submitted two complaints consecutively.

4 November 2012

Search for suitable plugins was going on. Later, I finally used the suitable plugins after making configurations in them as per our needs.

3 November 2012

I was searching whole day for backup solution and plugin for hacking attack notifier but nothing fruitful found. i tried lot of plugins but nothing found as per our requirement.

2 November 2012

Earlier, I was trying to use an explicit backup script. I found one, and started studying its features. It was really nice script with lot of configuration options. It was very suitable for the requirement of TCC automation team. I recommend it to them. The only problem was, it was not getting installed properly. 🙂 However, I spent whole day on studying it. When I went home, I decided to install plugins. I started search, but soon felt tired and went to sleep.

1 November 2012

Since website was launched, but it does meant that work also finished. The another phase was just started. Now we were to implement an automatic backup solution, hacking attack notifier, statistics report and remove the problem of DNS records.

Later I also found that complaint status feature is not working as expected. Need discuss on this.

31 October 2012

It was amazing day. Today was the inauguration day of website of Vigilance Bureau, Punjab. It was 101% VIP experience. 🙂 We visited Punjab Civil Sectriat, Chandigarh. We were received by two Vigilance officers who allowed us to pass through all checking points as VIPs. Finally, we reached the conference hall of Chief Minister of Punjab. We helped officers in setup and other minor works before the Dpt. CM arrives. Finally, Dpt. CM of Punjab, S. Sukhbir Singh Badal arrived and after having nice introductory presentation from Director of Vigilance Bureau, he launched website. I will publish a post soon about whole experience. 🙂

30 October 2012

Today me and Sandeep was assigned the task to find money acceptance solution for UKEIRI Congress. We needed to submit final report at 3:00 pm. We started exploring and found the most famous “PayPal”. Side by side we keep on exploring other service providers. Most of them were available only for US citizens. Later we found, that PayPal is not good for conferences.

We keep on refining our searches and later found two India based service provider suitable to our requirement. We compared their features and took estimate and selected one. Again we compared their plans and found suitable one. The major drawback was the time required to setup the system. They said they would require 40 days for complete setup. Of course, it was huge time, but the final decision is of UKIERI team.

24 October 2012

Today, I completed whole flow, i.e. from user’s input to image display. However it is very basic and simple but now user is able to create box with his / her own dimensions and see it’s final png image in browser. I eagerly put all files on Vigas’s server to show the working, but unfortunately, it is not working there due to path problem (I think). 😦

But after spending my half of the day on this problem, Later I found, it was problem of permissions of folders. I forgot to give write permission to folders. Now it is working. 🙂

23 October 2012

I was told to give demo of my work for which I have to install BRL-CAD on some server. However it was not too hard to install it. I downloaded the matching the debian package and using command:

sudo dpkg -i brlcad_7.22.0-0_amd64.deb

It showed list of missing dependencies, I installed them one by one and after making changes in system paths using following command:

PATH=/usr/brlcad/bin:$PATH ; export PATH

finally, I installed BRL-CAD on Vigas’s server. Thank to Vigas for immediate help. He showed the signs of good and friendly server administrator. 🙂

Later, I tested and give demo of my work.

22 October 2012

It was stupid thing. In CGI script I was using as:

google-chrome rtFile.png or
firefox rtFile.png

which was giving error. Today morning I discussed with Inderpreet and he suggested me to write <img src=”pathToImage”> tag instead of above commands and finally it worked. 🙂

21 October 2012 (Sunday)

Thinking about the user interface, how user will give inputs and all the data flow etc. Later I decided instead of beginning with accepting user input and other files related to user, first create image directly through table shell script that I created earlier. Today, I tried to show final image of 3D model on browser. I again faced same problems of non execution of BRL-CAD commands from browser, I solved them all. Now final image is being created directly from browser.

Now the only problem is with displaying image on browser. When as www-data, I run command to open image on browser (from public_html of sudo user, that is harmanpreet), I got errors mentioned below signature respectively on chrome and FireFox.

From errors it looks like, browsers are trying to create temporary files in /var/www. www-data has no permission for this. Trying to solve this problem.

18 October 2012

I was assigned the task of searching and exploring the BRL-CAD for 2D drawings and their dimensions. I searched and found that this feature is not currently available but but can be produced indirectly using some techniques. However they are expecting patches / developers for this feature.

17 October 2012

No reply to my question on BRL-CAD mailing list. It was really discouraging. However, I kept on trying different ways, doing experiments, searching the Internet for solution, but failed. I discussed with Gagan because earlier he was working on CGI (a similar task to that of me). He got idea to check Apache logs. When we checked, we found the errors like command not found. Then an idea stuck in his mind, that he used to use “env” command to run FreeCAD commands on shell. We used this and give full path to BRL-CAD commands, finally it worked fantastically. Now the database file (.g extension) is being created through browser. Thanks to Gagan, 🙂

16 October 2012

I stuck with the problem of mged command’s non execution in the shell script. I asked solution for my problem from BRL-CAD mailing list. Following is my question:

When I run this shell script from browser, mged command failed to execute (command is correct, tested separately), but when script run from command line (using Ubuntu, 12.4 LTS), it executed successfully. I failed to point out, why this is happening.

I experimented by inserting some normal Linux commands like ‘ls’, ‘pwd’ etc and by changing user identity to www-data user and then run script on command line, it run successfully. Now it is strange; since browser and www-data both are same user, but when script run through browser it doesn’t worked (only mged command fails, all Linux commands worked and displayed output on browser every time), when from command line, it worked and .g file created. Only mechanism is different, user is same, then why via browser script failed.

I further experimented, I redirect script’s output to a text file. Now, every output which was to be displayed onto screen should go to text file. This thing happened only with Linux commands but not with those of mged. The output of mged command which marks its successful execution i.e. name of objects created, appeared on screen but not directed to standard output i.e. text file. So, one more question is why the output of mged commands is not redirected to standard output, but to default output only?

Now waiting for their reply.

15 October 2012

I summarized my struggle with www-data in the following article: “www-data” — Good Example of Linux Security.


14 October 2012 (Sunday)

I stuck with problem. When I run shell script directly on shell i.e. like ./scriptName it is working fine. But when run through browser (as CGI script), all shell commands like ls, mkdir, touch are working but not mged -c db.g… . Rai sir told me to run it as Apache user i.e. www-data. I ran shell script as ./scriptName (which is also CGI script) and same thing happens as happened on browser i.e. all shell commands worked but not mged. For mged, it says, mged: command not found.

On the other hand, when I run same script on normal login, it run fantastically without any error. Later after struggling, i found that path of commands was missing in $PATH environment variable. I tested it by setting the path temporarily by giving command on shell and not editing any file. Now it worked. Now by login as www-data, my script is executing fine as in a normal login. But not
from browser. 😦

6 October 2012

The problem of binary content was still there in my program. Due to repeated orders of sir, I failed to found the reason and solution. Then, sir made this day a special day. He made me standing in front of all along with his laptop connected to projector and asked me to explain my program. While I was explaining, he was shooting questions over questions and I was to defend my self. It was really difficult to face but actually I was happy from inside to be in that situation. Ultimately, his fast and unexpected questions helped me in finding the mistake. Actually it was a “bug”. I was amazed to to see a real programming bug. At that time, we (me and the audience) debug the program using traditional methods i.e. manually for example, by giving input and printing some variable value to predict correctness.

At that time, I realized the importance of debugger. Really, debugger can help you not in even removing errors but in identifying the expected errors. One should must learn using debugger as it is important to Programmer as stethoscope to Doctor. 🙂

3 October 2012

I done with accepting input from user and creating mged command” through CGI.

Here six files are used:

User give input through “box.html”, which forward it to “box” file (a shell script) in the form of url, which process the input and  store
the values in a text file “var”. This text file (contain user inputs) along with another text file “constant” (contain constant parts) act
as input files to box.cpp, which produce a.out file.

Currently only the command is displayed on browser. Following are the
purposed improvements:
Generate input fields in the forms using loops and database.
Apply checks.
Provide options to perform operations of union, intersection and subtraction.
Provide options of rendering.
Display final rendered image on browser.

Point of concern:
The cpp file is just accepting input from text file and give output the command to shell script. It does not have any variables related to
command e.g. x coordinate, y coordinate etc., but only a single string type array that holds complete command.

However these files will be very helpful when we inherit one file into another to create complex objects from simpler ones. Need suggestions.

1 October 2012

Today I was creating shell script which would be called “Input Purifier”, because it accept input from browser through GET method and remove unnecessary data, symbols (that come along with data due to GET method) etc. thus purifying the user input. However, I needed to use arrays in this script but getting problems. I was getting: Syntax error: “(” unexpected. Later, Mandeep pointed out that I was using wrong method of executing this script. I was using “bash” shell but executing with “sh”. However, it worked sometimes but not every time. So I learned other methods of executing shell scripts. Now, most preferred one is used as for example: ./array where “array” is executable shell script.

22 September 2012

I created C++ program that will accept input from an input file and send output to a shell file. I used concept of file handling. I was using system() to execute shell command. Since system() accepts only char type arguments so firstly I was taking char type array to store command components. First I thought to take small arrays for each input and later copy them into bigger array to make the command complete. When started working on it, I found it inefficient. Then I searched for alternative to sprinf() (which was used by me when I created same program in c) and found ostringstream but this was not required solution. Then as Rai sir suggested, I use strings; string type array to store command components and send the output to some outer file. Now I created this program using same method.

However, later when others review this program, it was found to be much lengthy than expected, repetition of content etc. Most interesting problem of this program was binary content in Rai sir’s”script” file. With others, I is working fine. Strange…!!!

I am investigating the reason for this binary content making further improvements.

15 September 2012

Today is Engineers’ day. I celebrated it by installing Ubuntu 12.4 LTS on old desktop computer. I made separate partition for home folder, so that in case of system crash, my personal data will remain saved.

Earlier it had windows only, I made it dual boot. The reason for keeping Windows along side is the our HP Officejet 4355 All-In-One inketjet printer. It can print, scan, copy and fax. On windows, it work fantastically but on Ubuntu all features except printing are not working.

14 September 2012

Since the inauguration of website had been postponed along with being little disappointed I was happy that at least I got some time (didn’t know how much, it could be one week, one day and even one hour) to develop an attractive inauguration page. So to get variety of ideas and help from fellow trainees, last night I dropped mail on GD regarding the same in the hope that I could get immediate help. Today morning, I received call from Mukesh and came to know that website would be launched tomorrow by 12:00PM. He sent the Pritpal’s Driver to take my and Pritpal’s laptop. He picked me from front of Rai Sir’s office and after taking laptops, dropped me there also. It was really great feeling. 🙂 Now it was obvious to develop the inauguration page as soon as possible. Daman spent whole night working for this, but unfortunately due to misunderstanding of my requirements in mail, his work (which was really creative) was not acceptable. But with help of Inder, I got the the perfect inauguration page code powered by jquery. The soft and realistic animation of this page was as per according to my requirement. Sandeep made the beautiful and creative image for the same using vigilance logo. After making changes and changes again, we made really wonderful image for the page. Sukhdeep helped in finding the relevant background music. And finally with the little more ideas from Inder, the inauguration page was ready. First I tried to send the files to my laptop through ssh, but those people were not much aware of Ubuntu, I decided to to send files as zipped package. Thank GOD, yesterday, I gave 777 permission to vigilance folder, so with the help of this, they could easily unzip and save files graphically in /var/www/. So now they were ready with inauguration page.

I was too happy and all the TCC team was asking for party. Really they made me feeling proud. Now everything was ready and Mukesh and his fellows were waiting for Deputy CM for inauguration. But unfortunately, but due to urgent work, he didn’t reach. Another problem was that before inauguration website was visible only authenticated users. I had to comment some lines of  file in order to remove authentication and made it public (which I called the actual inauguration haha… 😀 ). I had to be alert all the time.

Now nobody knows when the moment of inauguration will come. It may be within next hour, next day or next week. My mother told, now they should ask a pandit to find the luckiest moment for inauguration.

13 September 2012

I was very happy because today was the launching of Vigilance Website. But unfortunately, my happiness doesn’t remained for long time. I received call from Mukesh that the inauguration had been cancelled due to blast in Khanna. I was somewhat sad. After some time I received my and Pritpal’s laptop with the message that this laptop has Ubuntu and now I had to setup website on this. When I boot it, Ubuntu fails to to load. Then I tried on windows but the website was not properly setup. So I suggest them to use my laptop because if I tried to re install Ubuntu, then there is a risk of data lost in Windows. They agreed.

Fixed the problem of colours of menu bar in chrome with Vigas. Helped Komal in understanding the structure of WordPress and relating it to its website. I suggest her to consider your website design as WordPress theme.

12 September 2012

I got message from Rai sir and Mukesh that the VB website is going to be launched tomorrow. They decided to to keep website on the current server for the moment and after inauguration, they can shift to their own server. So for moment masking was required to be done. Rai sir did it, but the website was not opening. Actually there was authentication check that let only the authorized user to let see the website. He discussed with me and suspect that this login page may be the cause of problem and he was right. I commented the login code in wp-blog-header.php and masking started working.

Later, Mukesh told me that they need a backup system so that in case of Internet failure, they could proceed with the local setup. So he brought his Windows based system, and asked me to setup local copy of website on it. I never worked with WordPress on Windows system. I was to copy whole website from Linux server to Windows based laptop. I started after taking  some instructions from Vigasdeep. During this whole period I faced so many problems and still failed. Problems faced were:

I made compressed file first and used scp to download it from server. Since it was large file so scp got “stalled” each time I tried. I searched the Internet and found it is normal with scp while handling large files. Reason behind was that scp take lot of bandwidth that’s it got stalled with large files. Solution to this problem was to run command that reduce the bandwidth limit for usage by scp. I skipped and tried another way. I login to my experimental account and from there I used scp. It completed successfully and through browser, I downloaded the file. I took backup of database too and as per the instructions of Vigas, I was supposed to search old domain and replace with localhost/foldername. Since it was also large file and only “vi” was able to open it properly because other GUI editors got mad and hanged while opening such a huge file. But I only knew search and replace through GUI editors not the vi. So I searched Internet and found command for the same. The command was same as sed command to replace a string with other, i.e. :s/old/new/g. I applied the command and got error message of “trailing characters”. It was happening because in my old string (http://abc.maindomain.com) there was “/” and I was using “/” as separator also, so the computer misinterpret the “/” within my old string as separators and generate that error. I again searched the net and found the solution to change the symbol of separator. I used “#” and it worked. Thank GOD.

Next I was to import this sql file into database of Mukesh’s laptop but I found that there was no xampp / wamp server installed. I searched for xampp and downloaded it, executed its installer and it got installed rapidly (plus point of Windows based softwares). I started Apache and MySQL server through control panel and found that MySQL was not accessible through DOS (command line), but only was through phpMyAdmin. I thanked GOD after seeing localhost page. I created new database through phpMyAdmin and when tried import sql file through it, got error something “too large file maximum limit exceeded”. I knew it was expected that’s why I was preferring command line because I already experienced the similar problem while working on MyReview. The error message had link to help, I clicked and opened the help page. The solution to this problem was to increase the value of parameters in php.ini file: upload_max_filesize, memory_limit and post_max_size. I made these changes and refreshed browser, but no change appeared. I again checked the file carefully and saved it but on browser nothing happened. Can you guess what could be reason of this problem? I forgot to restart the Apache server, because while starting, the Apache web server reads all configuration files and load them. Once we made any changes in the configuration file we have to restart Apache to load new configurations. I restarted it immediately when the idea stuck in my mind and thus file imported successfully.

My next step was to uncompress the zip file there in htdocs of xampp file. I did it, and made changes in wp-config.php file (database details). Now everything was in placed and I was just to check on browser, but unfortunately, got one warning and one error. It was really really bad. :-(. Disappointed. I confused, started to fix the error. The error was pointing to wp-settings.php. Since there was no good text editor on Windows ad when I opened this file in notepad to see the problem, the whole content printed in 2 – 3 lines which was really unreadable. Then I used MS Word, which formatted the content and showed it in a proper way. I didn’t found any solution. Now started with hit and trial but still failed. This took my lot of time, but no solution.

Then I recalled that Vigas already setup website in Windows based system. After talking with him, I came to know that he used wamp instead of xampp. I thought that this may be reason of error. May be with wamp this could be solved. It unstall the xampp and installed wamp, but the same error occurred. After struggling for long time, an idea came to my mind that since Vigas has already setup website, then if I replaced the wp-content folder with that of server and old database with new database then it may worked. But at that time we could only access laptop through teamviewer. I connected with that laptop through teamviewer but unfortunately, after some time the connection failed. After trying 2-3 times, every time connection failed. It was due to that teamviewer identified our actions as commercial work and free version of teamviewer does allowed to do commercial work. Then Mukesh used an inbuilt feature of Windows to share system virtually with another Windows user. It worked nicely but not I. I copied the files; imported; extracted the corresponding files and git same error. After struggling, we decide to leave windows system and set it up on Ubuntu system i.e. my system.

I went home and started working after some refreshment. Before I started, preferred to read some online tutorials about shifting WordPress website from one server to another. Luckily, I got so many valuable links, many from WordPress itself. I started reading and following links further and further, I found a plugin callled, “Duplicator Plugin.” I read it and felt that it could do our job. But I was worrying to use it on main site so I first prefer to use it on experimental. I installed, and after reading instructions and solving some permission errors, I  created package and installer script which was to run on localhost. When I tried to download I got error from Koha. It was because recently I and Saurabh installed Koha on experimental and it stopped phpMyAdmin and may affect other applications. This problem is still pending. Then somehow, I copied the url of files and through wget I was able to download them. I followed the instructions, and the experimental website was successfully set up on my laptop. I followed the same procedure for the original files and finally, original website started working locally on my laptop. It was around 2:30 AM.

I was not satisfied. I failed to do manually. But soon I will definitely do it manually. Now the my next task was to made an attractive launching / inauguration page. I searched a lot and found lot of interesting stuff of html5 but irrelevant to my requirement. Then after more searching, I found simple yet very attractive webpage in which the colour of background keeps changing softly when we move the mouse cursor. I tried to made a transparent background image in gimp to use it on that webpage. I made one with white background and used on the launching page. I was too much tired it was around 3:00 AM but still made the webpage working for tomorrow. I kept the url of link variable because it was not sure which of the two copies will be used for inauguration, local copy or that was on server.

At last, I finished worked and went to sleep. On next day, I had to handover laptop to Pritpal’s driver in early morning.

9 September 2012 (Sunday)

I worked further on my table script in cpp which I started some days ago. I was trying to execute shell command from cpp program. Actually, the shell commands were executing but mged was not being launched.

I also tried with freecad and librecad, they worked but python and mysql console not worked. I also tried with binary version of mged, and after displaying message, “Initializing and backgrounding, please wait…Done” nothing happened. (Note: Binary version always show this message before loading, but source package does not). Earlier when I made programs in C, i used same system() function to open binary version of mged and it worked fantastically.

At last I used another mged command that is to be actually used in the program and it worked (this was mged command run directly through shell without going into mged prompt). So, may be now I can proceed further in my work, but the question is why the program run some applications / command and some not? I will soon ask on BRLCAD mailing list after doing some experiments.

8 September 2012

Arranged and managed LUG seminar on “Linux Power Usage”. I delivered speech on the advantages of using console applications over graphical applications. I further explained the “importance of concept of patches in the contribution towards open source” and “source code management through git”. It was a successful event and expecting more such events in future.

7 September 2012

Today was special day. I got chance to see and involved in the installing and setting up College’s new “Epson Stylus Pro 770 9700 series” plotter. Actually the problem was to install and test it on Linux based PC. The company representatives were not confident with Linux. Only driver (debian package) of plotter was needed to be installed and when we connect the plotter to our system via USB port, the plotter automatically gets installed and added to installed printers list. I tried on my laptop (Ubuntu 12.4 LTS) and everything goes smooth and we successfully took print outs of circles. I also installed driver on lab PC on which the company representatives were getting error. We also took successful print outs of drawing in qcad.

Then we took print outs of colourful image of “Harmandir Sahib” each from MS Windows and Linux based system. As expected, print outs from Linux PC was natural, fresh and enhanced as compared MS Windows PC. However different people may have different perception.

I also met AutoCad user and discuss with her about its features and capabilities. At the end I showed her the power of scripting on freecad. I showed how the python scripts can be runned in freecad and we can create complex drawings in very less time. I showed her output of Vikas Mahajan’s building script in freecad.

4 September 2012

Successfully run shell script of table. With the help of sgi logo script, I could able to create it. Prepared and delivered presentation of my work done so far in this training and finally earned the membership of GD.

3 September 2012

Successfully created table in command window of mged by using mixture of commands and GUI options. Started making it outside the mged, i.e. directly from shell prompt.

2 September 2012

Installed “Koha” on experimental server with the help of Saurabh (MCA). Koha got large number of steps of installation that consumes lot of time. There must be an intelligent installation script. Koha is an open source integrated library management system. For more information, please visit: http://www.koha.org/

28 August 2012

On leave.

27 August 2012

On leave.

25 August 2012

Reading and experimenting with basics of mged.

24 August 2012

Understand the building script enough to be able to start work in mged. I added various comments in the script and tried to improved the overall formatting, so that it could be easy for next person to read and understand. Started reading mged tutorials.

22 August 2012

Reviewing the Vikas Mahajan’s script and writing necessary comments. Found it very informative and interesting and it is written in python, so learned many python related things. Although I understand many things by myself, Rai sir explained me the concepts of building design which cleared the picture more.

21 August 2012

Today I got next task of my training. Now my job is to produce models in BRLCAD through scripting using concepts of OOPs. I started reading Vikas Mahajan’s building script to get familiar with the modeling concept.

20 August 2012

Absent; due to urgent work at home.

19 August 2012

Review some BRLCAD patches. Took rest.

18 August 2012

Attend presentations of 6 week training students. It was nice to know what they learnt and what they did during their training period.

17 August 2012

Made changes in retirement form. Changed names, permission and visibility settings. Earlier it was visible to all users, but now only limited users can access it. It was not straight forward and I struggled with plugin a little for this. Later, I had urgent work outside the college.

16 August 2012

I was happy because I thought the website had been launched yesterday, but actually it was not. Morning, I got call from VB office that everything has been messed up and problem occurred in feedback and complaint forms.  Actually someone from their office, had changed the settings by accessing administrator account. It was really disappointing. I got ready immediately and reached college. I talked to Rai sir regarding this, and started searching for solutions. Later after little struggle i found that advanced settings of forms were changed. It restore original settings and the problem solved. Although it was not the bigger problem and luckily I got the solution soon, but here I learned lesson of managing code on revision control systems like github, bitbucket etc. Now I uploaded the whole code on bitbucket.

15 August 2012

Today is India’s Independence day. Although Vigas has some work left with search feature of plugin, and I hope hw will finish it by today. I am making small changes to the website as specified by them.

9 August 2012

Today, after so many days I felt that I am really working in GD group. From so many days training students were losing their working spirit and keeping their problems confined to themselves. No sharing, no discussions and no output at all. There was an atmosphere of silent tension. But today, Rai sir feel this problem and come to TCC to resolve all issues / misunderstandings. He discussed each and everyone and many of us discussed problems and cleared misconceptions. Finally, after he left TCC with best wishes we all got refreshed and excited and started talking and laughing with each other, and ultimately the silent tensed atmosphere changed to that of like a celebration. Then we brought cola soda and enjoyed a lot. 🙂

Today, luckily I was able to see a snippet of latest TCC database and we all tried to help them in their database related problems. Navdeep able to solve her 3 problems which were 3-4 days old. Jasleen successfully created new programs. Jaspreet is more closer to the solution. Today, I come to know about the status of everybody’s project after long time.

The VB website is going to be launched on 15th Aug. So I divided the work and assign the “front end forms through WordPress Plugin” to Vigas as he is more comfortable with PHP so I think he could do it easily and in time effective manner. Later I will take the detailed overview of his work. I will take help of Navdeep for displaying database content on website as she is more familiar with MySQL queries. In this way we could able to finish work in short time.

I completed the database schema. Earlier there were doubts due to unclear requirements specifications, but now most of the things have cleared. Now I am going to create login form for complaint handling which is to be kept separate from website.

8 August 2012

Re designed the whole database. However some work is still remaining but tables needed to display content on website are ready. Now implementing it. An admin interface is needed to be created. Everyday they change their requirements which makes sometimes difficult for me to co relate it with the work done and to be done.

7 August 2012

Solved the problem of making use of space of “Navigation panel” for display wider content. I created a new template in WordPress, which when selected will enable the user to utilize the space of Navigation panel. It was nice to make this template because I modified WordPress as per the requirement. Further, I restarted the work of database. Still have many doubts, I emailed to them and now in the evening got the replies.

4 August 2012

Vigas was in mood, so he work which i thought would take lot of time, in just few minutes. Both of us finished today’s all tasks given by VB office.

3 August 2012

Today I learned that md5 hash (32 bit characters long hexadecimal number) is vulnerable, i.e. md5 checksum of two files can be the same. It was needed to be investigated in relation to benchmark project. Further I read about “hash functions”. These are algorithms that does mapping between two data sets. After that I found relation between hashing and indexing. Hashing is used in databases for indexing.

Also read about text encodings and done experiments with encoding conversion.

1 August 2012

Got nice break 🙂 No work done at all. Went with Satinder to buy new laptop for her sister. There we had nice conversation with the shop owner. We asked the shopkeeper if he can install Windows on laptop, he replied, “nowadays we stop installing pirated Windows. Microsoft has stricken the piracy and we may has a police raid.” After listening him, we got confident and started discussion about open source alternatives of windows based softwares. He said he had no problem in using Ubuntu if he got all the required softwares. After that we decided to watch movie.

30 July 2012

Today I feel that I did work at TCC. After long time I did work related to BRLCAD. I was reviewing BRLCAD’s Benchmark database project.

28 July 2012

Enjoyed Satinder and Jaspreet’s birthday party.

22 July 2012

Today I had urgent work at home, so I could managed to start work after lunch. I made some changes in complaint form and complaint status as suggested in mails. Now the user have to enter both email address and complaint number in order to check compliant status and will be able to print the complaint summary after submission. Hmm… unfortunately, very less progress.

23 July 2012

I found new plugin for FAQs to solve the problem of numbering. In this plugin, user will click on question and answer will slide down from question. By adding <ol> tags, problem of numbering also solved. I was waiting for database details from VB office, but instead I got more new changes / modifications to be done in website. Most of them related to complaint form. But the current main problem is with easy chart builder plugin. Hope Vigas will solve it soon. Now I will first implement this new FAQ  plugin on main site so that tomorrow they could start working on it. I wanted to apply validations on forms but couldn’t.

21 July 2012

Still working on VB site, however most of the launch-able work has been completed and some minor but difficult work pending. While making the required changes in retirement form and after reading reply from sir on GD, I got to know about various serious flaws in it. I immediately called Pritpal Sir and discussed the matter with him. Since they are planning to store huge data in the VB website database, thank GOD, we identified many problems (not all) before the actual data entry. Here I got the example of “Incomplete Requirement Specification by Customer”‘. I told him to please give me complete flow of information and relation with different things. I also demanded the sample data for real time testing. But problem with “Achievements” page is still there.

Started further work of displaying data from database on website.

20 July 2012

Got new email from VD office. Need to reorder and add more fields to retirement form as per specified in attached file in email. Huh… fed up from these repeated non sense changes to reorder form fields. But as sir used to say, this is real example of real customer’s real work. 🙂 Done minor but important changes on the spot in the presence of Pritpal sir, like changed header image, suggest and changed links and background colour, and many other changes related to website’s look. With all this I got enough good practice of using Inspect Element :-). Today also, they were very happy to see changes. Added Google maps to website.

19 July 2012

Completed many important jobs of VB website. Improve site map, solved issue of Trap FAQs.

17 July 2012

Did many important tasks related to VB website.

16 July 2012

Called Mukesh to college to guide him side by side in using WordPress and make changes as per requirement. Can’t do much work because of some urgent work with my friends… :-). Then my meeting regarding changes / modifications required with Pritpal sir and Mukesh in sir’s office goes long to 9p.m. At last, they were very happy to see that website is near to completion and they learnt to make most of the changes by their own.

13 July 2012

In order to create table script in BRLCAD, I would need to learn how basically the different objects created, ray traced and finally an image created. Also creating complex objects from two or more simple objects by the application of boolean operations (union, intersecton etc.) will be helpful. So started reading mged tutorial.

12 July 2012

Again started reading MediaWiki’s website. However, yesterday I got confused by too much information, but today I got many things cleared. Actually, every MediaWiki installation has file api.php which is what we called MediaWiki API. In simple words, we need to pass arguments to this file through POST and / or GET methods to perform specific API action. There are number of actions and their further arguments available on the MediaWiki website to be used for different purposes.

We can also write MediaWiki extension if our requirement does not met by these predefined actions.

11 July 2012

I was reading about APIs from many days but today actually started with MediaWiki API. Too many links and references made me confused. I couldn’t get into much.

10 July 2012

Installed MediaWiki. Its web based installer works so smoothly that is can compete with that windows based softwares. Now I add it to the category of WordPress and LimeSurvey i.e. having trouble free installation.

Read developer logs of GSoC projects.

8 July 2012

Created front end forms for Vb website for data entry and made them live.

6 July 2012

Today is Satinder’s Birthday. So went outside to celebrate. We also had small birthday party here at TCC. We enjoyed a lot.

30 June – 2 July 2012

Created tables with foreign keys where ever necessary.

29 June 2012

Got the website views; started working.

 27 June 2012

In spite of many reminders to VB office, still I don’t get any views. In the mean time, I studied about APIs and their concept.

26 June 2012

Today I finished work of “Complaint Status”. It was to be done from the admin interface of plugin. No need to change any file.

I found that we can add drop down list to each row in the form, from the admin pannel. Then I write php code for select query to retrieve value of “status” column against the complaint number entered by user.

In this way, by using “shortcode exec php” plugin, I successfully added status field to each complaint entry.

However, this was easy and simple task which I could do even before trip, but I didn’t explore the form plugin completely, so was thinking that code needed to modified for this.

So what I learnt from this is, we should first explore thing completely before making any changes / modifications in the structure. It will save your time and effort many times.


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